Metro West Alano Club

Who We Are

The Metro-West Alano Club is a not for profit corporation registerd in Michigan and operating in the Detroit Area. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation legally recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and operated by a board of directors for the benefit of it’s membership. Officers are elected for a term by the membership which is overseen by an election commitee made up of members. Membership is open to the public.


The Metro-West Alano Club was formed October 29, 2008 by a group of like-minded alcoholics desiring a club in the Redford/Livonia area where they could gather and have fellowship and fun together, and where they could promote the message of recovery to all who seek it. The Club is not endorsed nor opposed by Alcoholics Anonymous; however sharing the message of AA and the AA way of life is one of our primary goals.


We successfully negotiated a two year lease agreement with Redford Union School District which ended February 19, 2012. After a one year renewal, the relationship we had with the school system was ended to make way for the demolition of the old school site.

Through the tireless and skilled guidance of valued club members, the purchase of the 27225 Grand River Redford Mi 48240 location is completed.

A great amount of gratitude should be given to Fred Cathey, Randy LeCompte, Tom O’Brien, Stuart Butler and several legal and property specialists brought in by Randy LeCompte to assure the soundness of the deal.


The Metro-West Alano Club is a self-supporting social club for alcoholics and those who support them. The Club exists to provide its members with an alcohol and drug-free environment promoting social interaction, fellowship, and education.


A paid membership will be required to use and enjoy the Club. Membership dues are $12.00 per month payable on the 1st of the Month. Dues not paid by the 15th are subject to a $5.00 late charge.An Initiation fee of $10.00 is payable at membership inception along with the first months dues. A discounted annual membership of $120.00 is available and will secure your membership for an entire year! Delinquent Dues which exceed 60 days of delinquency will result in membership termination and rejoining members will again be subject to initiation fee.


Can be made either in person or by check via mail.